Goal achieving or tension relieving?


Someone said “Everything we do is either goal achieving or tension relieving.” That’s something to think about. If a man is not too happy with his progress in the world, he should take a good, long look at everything he does during the day and, as he approaches each act, he should ask himself, “Is this goal achieving or tension relieving?”
We all need to relieve our tensions, but if we are doing too many things to escape and too few things to achieve, we are going to hold ourselves back.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if a survey could be made to see how much time the average person devotes each day of the work week to acts which are goal achieving? If this time could be subtracted from the sixteen waking hours we might be amazed at the small amount of time we actually spend earning a living.

The results would vary from industry to industry and from job to job. The shop assistant or a busy doctor would be more involved with customers and patients than the sale person driving from client to client. Where I once worked as a sales manager we used to remind the salespeople that whilst you’re not in front of a prospect or client, you’re unemployed and while drinking coffee between calls would be tension relieving.

There is a vital balance between goal achieving and tension relieving that each person should give some thought to. Spending more time on tension relieving could lead to some serious problems in the future. There is a time to be idle and a time to be busy, and I would suggest work first and play later, or work hard and play hard within a balanced framework.

Rest is the sweet source of labour

You must get good at one of two things, planting in the spring or begging in the fall
Jim Rohn

To your success
Martin Louw

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