Words are all I have


We live in a world of words. We have a word for everything, some of these words and labels mean a great deal to us. Words such as “Love” “Happiness” “Success” ”Prosperity” “Joy” describe conditions most of us want. But there is one word which controls them all. Meaning, there is one word which describes a condition which will bring us all of these things, or keep us from getting any one of them.
If a youngster asked you what this word is, could you tell him, or her? If, from all the words in our language you were asked to select the one word which would influence your life more than any other, could you choose the right one?

I call it the “Magic” word, and it is “ATTITUDE” This is the word that controls our life, our entire world. If you are curious about what kind of attitude you have, a simple test will give you the answer. How is the world treating you? If your attitude to the world is good, you will obtain good results. If your attitude is excellent, excellent will be your results. If your attitude is negative, then little that is positive will be your experience.
Our environment, which is another way of saying how the world treats us, is nothing more than a reflection, a mirror actually, of our own attitudes. What you put out will come back to you. It would be impossible to estimate the number of jobs lost, promotions lost, sales lost, marriages ruined, all because of an attitude that expects others to change toward us, rather than for us to set the tone, positively in our interpersonal dealings with the people in our world

A traveller from Johannesburg exiting from the Du Toitskloof tunnel, stopped at a viewing site to admire the beauty of the Paarl Valley and Table Mountain in the distance, He noticed an old man sitting nearby on a stool. Approaching him he asked, “What are the people like in Cape Town?” You see, I am thinking of moving here and would like to know”
“What are they like where you come from?” asked the old man. “The people in Johannesburg are positive, upbeat and friendly” answered the traveller. “Well, said the old man, you will find the people over here to be much the same!”
A few weeks later another traveller also exiting the tunnel stopped where the same old man was sitting. He also asked the same question “I’m thinking of moving from Johannesburg to live in Cape Town but would like to know what the people are like?” “Well what are they like where you come from?” asked the old man. “They are a bunch of selfish, money mad idiots” said the traveller.

Once again the wise old man said, “You will find about the same type of people over here!” and so, the moral of the tale is self-evident, your world responds to you as you expect it to. It’s your attitude that makes the difference.
By way of application, in 30 days you can change your world and your environment by making this simple test. For the next 30 days decide to treat every person you meet, without a single exception, as the most important person on earth. You will find that they will begin treating you in the same way, you see, every person as far as he is concerned, is the most important person on earth. We have been told that people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. I have found that you can and will improve your world when you improve your attitude.

Everything I have or lack in my life is due to what I have done or failed to do in my past. Everything I will have or lack in my future will depend on what I do or fail to do between now and then. M L

To your success
Martin Louw


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