Taking stock

                                                    TAKING STOCK

Back when I was working for a laboratory supplies company we had a stock taking activity toward the end of each year. We would count all the consumables, chemicals, equipment and lab instruments to give us a total stock value and to check on shrinkage and losses.

Then we would compare stock movement with the previous year’s figures to establish trends, and to assist us with stock holding requirements for the next six month period. In this way we could focus more on items that turned over four or more times a year and to no longer hold stock of items that weren’t selling. In other words, establishing what was profitable and what was no longer financially rewarding.

My challenge to you, is to do the same exercise on your life situation, to take stock and do a little introspection on your current situation.

The 5 areas to assess will be


The suggested plan will be

  • Where were you 5 years ago?
  • What is your current situation?
  • Where do you want to be 5 years from now?


HEALTH, includes Mind Body and Spirit. Striving for balance is the ideal                                                  MIND includes meditation, times of relaxation, listening to music, watching a sun set, reading inspirational material or listening to a relevant CD                                                                                     BODY, includes wise nutrition habits, remaining hydrated, exercising with low impact aerobics and strength training. Taking supplements according to your needs, age and sex.                                   SPIRIT. Adopting a spiritual outlook and philosophy according to your inner beliefs and faith.

Ask yourself ‘What was my health like 5 years ago compared to now, am I following good health habits, am I healthier now than then, am I guilty of substance abuse, consuming more alcohol, smoking more, weighing more, exercising less. Do I need better eye and dental care? Wearing Polaroid dark glasses with UV filters, not subjecting my ears to prolonged loud noise, applying sun protection lotion before spending time on the beach, and you can add more according to your situation. When you have completed your “stock take,” what are you going to do from this day forward, set health goals so that by 2020 you will have achieved and maintained a wellness lifestyle,

WEALTH, can mean more than just money but for this exercise let’s stick to cash. Zig Ziglar once said. ”money may not be all that important, but it’s up there with oxygen.”                                                 With this exercise it’s going to depend on where you are in life, your age etc. Long term you want to be able to retire with enough to last you up to your last day and if you desire to leave a legacy.    Once again, you need to take stock, how were you doing financially 5 years ago, how are you doing now and by 2020 will you still be on target. With these goals will you allow for changes in your industry, do you need up to date training, are your investments giving you a net return after allowing for tax and inflation? There is much you can do, especially if you still have time on your side, for example by paying your monthly home loan before it’s due and by increasing those repayments each year as if you were renting, you will slice off about 5 years of payments on a 25yr bond, 60 months less on a one million bond works out to a saving of R600, 000, tax free and can allow enough collateral toward buying a second property.

RELATIONSHIPS, good interpersonal relationships require for you to accept that all of us need each one of us and that each one of us need all of us. Adopt the attitude that I’m OK and you’re OK. Your check point here on our past, present and future assessment is once again to take stock on the critical questions. Good relationships depend on Love, Kindness, Goodness, Self-control, Patience, Trust, Friendliness, Joy and treating others as you would like to be treated. Looking back, looking at now and 5 years down the line, will you enjoy a few really good supportive friendships?

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. There’s a saying from the marketing fraternity that goes, “When I’m green I’m growing and when I’m ripe I rot.” May you never reach that point in life that you think you know it all. I attended a seminar where Anthony Robins told us about his now registered word, CANI, about the importance of Constant And Neverending Improvement. The question then is, how are you progressing in this area, how much have you developed since 2010, how much more will you have improved in your personal growth by 2020? An action plan should include reading motivational and inspirational books, listening to CD’s even as you commute, go to U-Tube and watch speakers like Jim Rohn, Les Brown. Anthony Robins, Zig Ziglar and many others to get you enthused and motivated about life Do this every day and you WILL succeed, guaranteed.

SPIRITUAL GROWTH. This section is pivotal to your true success in life, and if you don’t believe in God or a particular Deity, that’s ok. I’m not talking religion but faith in a power greater than you, a creator to worship and to guide you through life. Again I ask you to take stock regarding how much time you spent in daily contact with your God 5 years ago compared to this present time and by 2020 will you have gained more Spirituality in this life of yours? Will you be more at peace, more loving and aware of your purpose in life, more serine, meeting with others of similar faith and being tolerant toward those who believe differently? Only you can decide to live peacefully with others. Do this and you will enjoy a balanced life style.

ACTION PLAN, now that you have assessed your situation regarding all of the above, taken stock, now know what is working and what is missing, what must be eliminated, won’t you put together a plan of action, a goal to reach your future objectives. It’s so easy to procrastinate, someone told me that the word “Tomorrow” is the greatest labour saving device, so DO IT TODAY or else in 2020 you will still be where you are today. You’re either growing or stagnating. Jim Rohn said “The mark of insanity is to keep on doing what you have always done and hoping for things to change, for things to change you have to change. For things to work you have to work.” Good advice, and as Anthony Robbins says, “Now go do it. On your path of CANI”

Wishing you the best


Think, then grow wealthy healthy and wise


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