Monthly Archives: February 2016

Only Attend Useful Meetings

Only Attend Useful Meetings There is a way to turn non-productive meetings and often downright boring meetings into affairs worthy of everyone’s time. Even yours! I believe there is a way you can attend only productive meetings, whether it’s a business, committee, training or Bible study, it’s a meeting. And we all have attended meetings that are non-productive, a complete […]

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Carry on Moving

  Carry On Moving Have you ever noticed that the longer you put off a task you should do? The more difficult it is to get started?   Ironically, we add to our frustration and unhappiness we could so clearly avoid. The newspaper editor Arthur Brisbane once wrote, “Don’t exaggerate your own importance, your own size, or your own miseries. […]

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The Serious Side of Humor

The Serious Side of Humor Humor to Zig Ziglar was an indispensable ingredient to most serious speeches. That humor carries an impact far greater than the few minutes it consumes during a long and serious discourse. Ziglar, the motivational speaker, author and sales trainer, knew from experience that the humor ingredient in a serious speech serves several important purposes It […]

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