A Word To Live By


When General Dean was a prisoner of the Communist Chinese in Korea and had been led to believe that he would soon be shot, he wrote a letter to his wife with instructions for their son. He wrote, “Tell Bill the word is integrity.”

Here is the best advice a parent can give to a child. With that single word and realizing all that it means, a young person can look forward to a tremendously rewarding life. It will mean living by the Golden Rule, an insurance policy that guarantees abundance.

Integrity is the quality we most often look for in others. It is what a young woman wants in her husband and he in her. What a boss wants in his employees and vice versa. If you are having a home built it is what you want most from the builders. Integrity is the world’s most valuable quality in a service, a product or a person.

If one uses the word “Integrity” as a guide when dealing with others, he can rest assured in the knowledge that he will find it coming back to him in countless ways. One of the greatest rewards is the feeling of personal worth and the confidence and assurance integrity brings.

The person of integrity doesn’t have to contend with a haunted house full of fears and worries. Since this person treats everyone with whom they come in contact with and everything they do with integrity, it will be reflected throughout their world.

There are possibly millions of people who would not steal from anyone, but who think it is all right to give less than their best to their work. The don’t think of this as stealing, but it is, like when a sales person knocks off early while pretending to be calling on customers. An incompetent waitron out to dinner with friends will be the first to complain about poor service. Like the parents who were called to the school principals office because their son had been accused of stealing a pencil, the father asked to see the pencil, looked at it and said, “My son did not steal this pencil, I gave it to him, it was one I brought home from the office at work, we taught our kids not to steal.”

We often look for shortcomings in others. Yet the person of integrity expects integrity in others as a matter of course. Over the long haul, the person who lacks integrity in any aspect of life, at work, at home or with their social contacts, is a person who has failed to mature, lacks wisdom and will suffer for it. Seldom will this type of individual ever wake up to the fact that he is simply sawing off the limb that he is sitting on, and sooner or later he has to take a fall.

General Dean, undoubtedly gave a lot of thought to the advice he wanted to leave his son. If he had thought for a long time, he could not have come up with a better word than integrity

I am a true labourer, I earn that I eat

Get that I wear, Owe no man hate

Envy no man’s happiness, Glad of other man’s good                     Shakespeare.


Nothing more completely baffles one who is full of tricks and duplicity than straightforward simple integrity in another                                                                          Colton


Go forward with Integrity


Then, Think and Grow Wealthy, Healthy and Wise






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