Discover Your Undeveloped Potential

                                         Discover Your Undeveloped Potential


What value would you place on your talents? Are you satisfied with the value returned for your efforts or would you like to increase the return? Chances are your potential is much greater than you can imagine. Psychologists say the average person uses less than 10% of his or her intellectual potential, and the potential is the same even for those ranked as geniuses. Think what you can do if you develop your potential further

How can this be done? By unlocking the door to your talents. There’s an ancient story of a king who used a special test to help him choose between three equally qualified candidates for prime minister. He arranged for a locksmith to devise a very complex lock which was placed on a palace door. Then he brought the three men into the room and said “The prime minister will be the one who can open the door” Two of the men began making calculations for the combination to the lock. The third man simply stared at the lock, then he walked to the door, turned the handle and the door opened. It had never been locked.

Unlock your thoughts as this man did and you will find a vast reservoir of talent Each person must make this discovery independently. I made it early in my Toastmasters career when I realised that speech training is only one part of the self-development process. I started working on my reading, writing and listening skills, and my training in all these areas helped me obtain management and leadership positions. Many Toastmasters have told me about how they discovered their undeveloped potential, set new goals and moved forward to greater accomplishments, sadly I continue to meet a few who are still searching for a combination to the lock.

Two categories of searchers stand out, First, there are the club joiners who leave after attending a few meetings and say it’s not for them. The door to their thought processes is barred, perhaps because the desire does not exist or they don’t see the value of having good communication skills. Then there are the joiners who remain in a club for years but fail to use the structured communications manuals, leaving personal development to chance. The lock on their thought processes seems to be jammed. These searchers are travelling with a one-way ticket to nowhere, going through life without growing.

Life holds many riches for those who choose to develop their potential. Intellectual and social are two such riches that can be gained through Toastmasters, and the club door is always open to those who enter with a desire to develop their potential. Just to see a new member giving their first talk, nervously and with trepidation, and sometime later that same member wins the national speaking contest. Or when you ask a District Director, the top position on cabinet, if he or she ever thought they would reach that level of leadership when they first joined and you will get an emphatic “No, never” And these are the people who discovered their undeveloped potential, and the amazing thing is that anyone can do it. Jim Rohn said it best when he asked the question, “If not you, then who. If not now, then when?”

Don’t envy anybody, every person has a talent, a gift. Develop that one thing and make it out-standing

Success is a journey, enjoy the ride

Martin Louw

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