Your Belief Button

                                                YOUR BELIEF BUTTON

Recently I spoke to a friend of mine who is a hypnotist, about hypnosis and some of the amazing things that can be done with it. My friend pointed out that what hypnotism does is simply obtain a clear shot at a person’s belief button. That is, a person hypnotised by someone who knows his business, gets rid of all doubts and believes almost anything he is told. He will not believe or do anything that he cannot believe, but there is a wide area of belief that can be reached.

Once a person believes he can do something, he can actually do it. That is why painless operations are possible under hypnosis, why even bleeding can be controlled. A hypnotised person can do amazing things that he would never do in a waking state. But a person can do nothing under hypnosis that he could not do in his waking state, if only he believed he could. We are not given new strength when we are hypnotised, strengths we already have are simply brought out.

We are, however, so full of doubts, we are so suspicious of our own abilities under normal circumstances that we operate well below our capabilities.

Here is but one example. A man in sales working for a company for several years, earned about the same commission each year, a fairly reasonable income for a hard working person to earn. One day he decided he could do better than just coasting along. He was not hypnotised, but because he received some inspiration to do better, he began really utilizing his time and ability. The first year following this decision he more than doubled his income. He was able to install a swimming pool at his home, bought a new car and went overseas for a holiday.

One could almost say that he “hypnotised” himself into believing he could achieve more in life. As soon as he believed in himself, that he was capable, that he could double his income, he began to act this new part and everything fell into place. This is not necessarily self-hypnosis; it is merely understanding that the pictures we habitually hold of ourselves is far smaller than it could be. We know we could do amazing things under hypnosis simply because we would believe we could. Why not maintain this belief in our waking state? This is what Socrates was talking about when he said “Know thyself”

Most of us normally perform well below our capabilities, simply because we lack faith in ourselves. This can be changed. This great line appears in Mark 9:23 “If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him who believeth”

In actual life every good enterprise begins with and takes its first forward step in faith      Schlegel

Confidence imparts a wondrous inspiration to its possessor. It bears him on in security, either to meet no danger, or to find it a matter of glorious trial          Anonymous

Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way you’re right            Henry Ford 

Keep on believing,

Martin, Think and grow wealthy healthy and wise


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