The Ladder to Success

                                                  The Ladder to Success


We all desire to be successful, whether it be in our work, our hobbies or our family life. Our need to achieve goals and take pride in our accomplishments is part of human nature. While many of us will reach our goals, others will not. Why will some fail? Because they haven’t taken the time to develop the skills and self-discipline necessary to achieve success.

Many of the people I have met in Toastmasters will succeed because they have taken the initiative to discover and cultivate their own strengths and talents. By joining Toastmasters, they have started their climb on the ladder to success, growing and learning new skills as they pass over each rung.


The communication rungs, these are the rungs we step onto when we first enter the Toastmasters programme. With the help of other club members and using our Communication and our leadership manuals, we develop the listening, thinking and speaking skills necessary in understanding the thoughts of those around us and in realizing and communicating our own ideas. While at first, we might be a little unsure of our footing, our legs soon steady and we begin our climb.


The Leadership rungs, we begin to develop our leadership skills when we become the Toastmaster at our club meeting or when we serve as a chairperson for a club function. Our climb continues as we first become a club officer, then a district officer, and for some, an international officer. We begin to use our newly found skills in our business and community activities. We recognise the correlation between our Toastmasters activities and our personal successes.


The Personal growth rungs, by now we have travelled a considerable distance on our ladder to success. As we continue our climb, we become aware of our personal growth. Our self-confidence and self-esteem have increased. We greet challenges eagerly and set even higher goals for ourselves. I believe this is the level our founder Dr Ralph Smedley had in mind when he said “Toastmasters can help you become the person you are capable of being”


Although each one of us in Toastmasters is growing and developing at his or her own pace, we all have one thing in common. We are all moving upward, overcoming our weaknesses. And nurturing our assets, using our strengths in pursuit of our goals, and as we continue to climb, let us not forget those around us, reaching out to help a friend to step onto the ladder and share the opportunities from which we have benefited. By helping others, we will climb higher on our ladder to success.


‘If you’re not afraid to face the music, you may someday lead the band’


Don’t forget the folks who are holding the ladder while you’re climbing to success.


You cannot climb the ladder to success with your hands in your pockets


Enjoy the journey







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