My Father When I Was….

                                   MY FATHER WHEN I WAS


5 YEARS OLD  My daddy can do anything and knows a lot

7 YEARS OLD  My dad is smarter than your dad

9 YEARS OLD  My dad doesn’t know exactly everything

12 YEARS OLD  Oh well, naturally, father doesn’t know anything about that. He is too old to remember his childhood.

14 YEARS OLD  Don’t pay any attention to my father. He is so old fashioned.

21 21 YEARS OLD  Him?. He is hopelessly out of date

25 YERS OLD  Dad knows a little bit about it, but then he should because he has been around so long

30 YEAR OLD  Maybe we should ask dad what he thinks. After all, he’s had a lot of experience.

35 YEARS OLD  I’m not doing a single thing until I talk to dad.

40 YEARS OLD   I wonder how dad would have handled it He was so wise and had a world of experience.

50 YEARS OLD  I’d give anything if Dad were here now so I could talk it over with him. Too bad I didn’t appreciate how knowledgeable he was, I could have learnt a lot from him


Ann Landers

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