BEWARE THE EXPERT a modern day parrable



An expert is a man from another city, the further away the city, the greater the expert.


Many years ago, in New York city, a curb-side burger vendor sold the most delicious burgers. The patty was made from the very best beef and lamb, the garnish of fresh, crispy lettuce, tomato, gherkin, fried onions and fixin’s of your choice was available at no extra charge


From morning to late evening there was a line of customers waiting for the flavourful food. As they got closer to the vendor, breathing in the aroma, anticipating this gourmet delight, salivating like Pavlov’s dogs, their hunger growing with every step forward, they were willing to pay almost any price just to consume this wonderful delight.


The owner made good money, in fact, he was able to send his son to a well-known business school in Washington dc. Eventualy the son graduated and returned to his father in New York.


The son, now with a business degree (The Expert) noticed what his father was doing. ‘Dad’ he said, ‘Don’t you know there’s a recession in our country, if you keep on being so generous with all the extras on your burgers, you will soon be out of business’

Well, thought the father, my son is now an expert in business matters, graduated with a degree, he must know what he is talking about and I better do as he says.


The very next day the father began to cut back on the extras, used a smaller meat patty, was not so generous with the garnishes. Soon he noticed the lings growing shorter and shorter, his daily income shrinking. And you guessed it, eventually he had to close his small and one-time profitable business.


Sadly, as he walked to his car, feeling dejected, he drove home thinking to himself My son was right, we must be in a recession.


Feel free to work out your own moral to this parable, and if you are a business owner, one who gives a little more than what your customers are paying for, or expecting, you will be making yourself a little more valuable to the market place and to your customers. Then you will probably never be affected by a so-called recession


Be careful of referring to yourself as an expert, an EX is a has-been and a SPURT is a drip under pressure  











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