SELLING SKILLS

                                                 Involving the customer

Many years ago, a rep working for Shatterprufe, attended the annual company conference. He was nominated a special award for achieving the highest sales volume for the year.

The director asked him what he had done to do so well. He told the sales audience that he carried a small hammer with him, every time he demonstrated to a prospect on the benefits to the passengers of a windscreen that shattered on impact, rather than having dangerous bits of glass flying about the car, cutting and injuring the occupants. The glass that shattered was a far better option with less injury.

Then he would take a piece of Shatterfrufe glass, whack it with his hammer and as a result got more sales.

The MD then provided all the reps in the company with a small hammer for demonstration purposes.

The following year at the annual conference, every rep achieved higher sales volumes, and the previous year’s winner once again far exceeded the other sales peoples results. Once again, he was asked how he had managed. ‘This year I decided to give the prospect the hammer to break the glass”

Moral of the story? Try to get your prospect involved.

For example, in car sales, allow the customer to drive the automobile while you take the passenger seat, instead of you driving, when I sold for BMW I would take the prospect along a planned route, over some rough roads and sharp corners to show How well the suspension worked, then I would offer my client a opportunity to drive back to the showrooms, (We had insurance to cover us if there was a ding)

As an estate agent, I kept a tape measure with me, when I could see the couple trying to work out where the fridge would fit, or the furniture I would hand them the tape measure, in this way they were beginning to see for themselves how things would fit in this, their new home.

When selling white goods and your client is showing interest in a new appliance, demonstrate the item and then get your customer to try after your dem.

When I sold Organs for Morkels furniture, I would play a few tunes and then I would let the client have a go.

By now, you should be able to think of how you can get your prospect involved, let them have fun and to enjoy the demonstration.

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