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My desire is to remind you that you were born to succeed. You were born to be happy, to have the respect of people around you, to feel good about yourself. To accept yourself and to allow other people the same privilege. Yet there is a price to be paid in order to receive it. You must be willing to believe in yourself and to reach out to others.

Over the years I have watched many people sitting back as the world passed them by, they complained that everyone else seemed to get the breaks while they got nothing. They were the ones who refused to reach out and take what was presented to them, never noticing the opportunities that surrounded them.

The opportunity is there all the time, and as the world advances so we find new and interesting inventions, employment, and business developments for peoples to get involved in. Lets not be like those people from the mid 1800’s who worked at the USA patent office, they wanted to close the office as they believed that everything that could be invented had already been invented, nothing else was going to be invented and that they would soon be made redundant.

My wife and I were married in the year between man landing on the Moon and the first heart transplant. We also wondered what more could possibly be achieved, we did not have ATM bank machines, debit and credit cards, faxes, CD’s, computers. And if you told me that one day I would carry a telephone in my pocket with which I could take photographs (not developed from a spool in my old camera) that I would be able to send the picture anywhere in the world, I would have accused you of heresy. And Facebook, Instagram, data on a telephone, and the list goes on and on, never-ending opportunity unlimited. Open your eyes and your mind, get excited, Earl Nightingale told us to Lead the Field.

The opportunity is there all the time for each of us to be happy. For most of us it’s simply a matter of getting started – to take the first step – to begin believing in ourselves and that we are worthy of having the good things in life. There has never been a person nor will there ever be a person just like you. You are special. You are unique. You are great, you have much to offer the world. You deserve love, friendship, respect, health happiness, purpose, hope, direction peace and freedom.

Claim your birth-right, believe you are worthy. Act on your belief, allowing others the same privilege and become unstoppable as you develop great and long-lasting relationships with those seeking the same needs, desires, and aspirations

‘The only place where Success comes before Work is in the dictionary’

To enjoy a harvest in the winter you have to sow in the summer JimRohn

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