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Attitude does make the difference

                                   Attitude does make the difference Does it really make a difference? You better believe it. Never underestimate the power of a positive attitude. You will enjoy everything more, believe more, see more opportunities and will live life with greater enthusiasm. Truly, attitude does make the difference. You’ve been told before it’s not important what happens to you, it’s the […]

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The four stages of learning

THE FOUR STAGES OF LEARNING   Have you ever thought of how we learn a skill, how we move from incompetent to competent? To illustrate the concept I will use the manner in which we learn to drive as an example. Stage 1 is when you are unconsciously incompetent In other words, you don’t know that you can’t drive. When […]

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A habit good leaders have

A HABIT GOOD LEADERS HAVE After his election as Mayor of New York City. Fiorello La Guardia was faced with the problem of job seekers. Many of those who had worked so hard for him to be elected expected to be appointed to municipal posts. La Guardia called them all together and explained that he owed them nothing. A cause, […]

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The phantom wall

THE PHANTOM WALL Have you ever stopped to think about how much more people could have, know and do if they would only try? When timidity, self-consciousness and memories of past failures all contrive to erect a phantom wall between us and the things we would like to have or do, we need courage to leap over it and achieve […]

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Following the followers

                                                           FOLLOWING THE FOLLOWERS     Years ago in Cape Town, every morning a car from City Council would stop outside a jeweller shop in Greenmarket square, the driver would get out, look at something in the window, get back into the car and drive away. Eventually the owner of the shop stopped the driver to find out what he […]

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The Law of Increase

PROSPERITY Here are a few thoughts on how you can achieve success all the years of your life. Be aware that growth and increase are a part of life and all of nature. It is inherent in each of us to desire more. This is not wrong, it is perfectly natural, and the way it should be. You should want […]

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