Have a nice day


It has become common practice for many warm and sunny people to express the greeting to others “Have a nice day” It does make you feel good when someone smiles and while the say this. But do people just “have” a nice day? Some do, but is it worth the gamble to leave it to chance? I can’t guarantee you a nice day, but if you will these 10 suggestions you may be able to make it a nice day.

1 When you wake up in the morning, think of something nice that you can do for someone else during the day.

2 give each person in your house a smile and a hug. If you live alone and have dog, take a minute to pat the dog.

3 on your way out, smile at other drivers as you let them into the traffic, relax at the stop light, listen to upbeat music on your radio.

4 Whatever the weather make it work for you, Enjoy the sunny days, and when it rains, remember we need the water.

5 Whatever you need to do, tackle the toughest problems first. While your mind is alert.

6 Stay away from sugary snacks at coffee break and eat a light lunch. Remember, what you eat today, walks around tomorrow, you don’t want to look like a jelly donut.

7 Appreciate the work and enjoy an attitude of gratitude, for what you have, count your blessings.

8 Take pride in what you do, Zig Ziglar said that when you do more than you are paid for, eventualy you will be paid more for what you do. Go the extra mile.

9 Take responsibility for yourself and your own actions.

10 Associate with positive people. My mother taught me that you become like the people you mix with

John Denver sang ‘Some days are diamonds, and some days are stones. The diamond days are a gift and what we make of the Stones will shape our lives. Next time someone says, ‘Have a nice day’ Smile and say ‘I’ll make it a nice day.

Enjoy and have fun, people who laugh, last


Think and grow wealthy healthy and wise

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