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Learning from a successful speaker

Tips for Speakers Training Note Learning from a successful speaker “A great speaker is firstly a great person who happens to speak well” Aristotle Lessons from Dr Norman Vincent Peal In 1969 Dr Peal spoke to us in Johannesburg on the subject of “Why positive people get positive results.” I still remember the MC who introduced him saying “Norman Vincent […]

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Points of the compass

POINTS OF THE COMPASS Many years ago, in a rural part of England, a printer decided to publish a paper in which he would write about events and items of interest concerning the people living there. He employed a young journalist to visit the local inhabitants and to get as much interesting copy as possible in order to sell his […]

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ten tips for speakers

TEN TIPS FOR SPEAKERS 1 Know your audience. Consider the demographics regarding age, culture, education and gender. 2 Decide what they need or want to know. Appeal to their interests, what will motivate, inspire or persuade them 3 State your main objective in today’s time stressed world people want to know what your core message is. Be brief and to […]

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