Monthly Archives: August 2015

When your dreams die

WHEN YOUR DREAMS DIE Would you like a recipe for staying young? From earliest times men have believed that their search for the fountain of youth would be rewarded. They have sought it much as a man goes in search of happiness, only to find that the secret of both youth and happiness lie in the same place, within themselves. […]

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Words are all I have

WORDS ARE ALL I HAVE We live in a world of words. We have a word for everything, some of these words and labels mean a great deal to us. Words such as “Love” “Happiness” “Success” ”Prosperity” “Joy” describe conditions most of us want. But there is one word which controls them all. Meaning, there is one word which describes […]

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A habit good leaders have

A HABIT GOOD LEADERS HAVE After his election as Mayor of New York City. Fiorello La Guardia was faced with the problem of job seekers. Many of those who had worked so hard for him to be elected expected to be appointed to municipal posts. La Guardia called them all together and explained that he owed them nothing. A cause, […]

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