A habit good leaders have


After his election as Mayor of New York City. Fiorello La Guardia was faced with the problem of job seekers. Many of those who had worked so hard for him to be elected expected to be appointed to municipal posts. La Guardia called them all together and explained that he owed them nothing. A cause, not a man, had been elected “My first qualification for this great office, is my monumental personal ingratitude.” While his statement was made partly in jest, there are, unfortunately, leaders whose ingratitude to those who’ve helped them is perfectly real. They just do not acknowledge the contribution of others to their success, preferring to believe they’ve done it all by themselves.

Nothing will kill enthusiasm in a subordinate quicker. When people make worthwhile contributions, they expect to share in the recognition and rewards that go with them.

Some leaders are simply insensitive to this need in people. They think that because they are in charge it automatically entitled them to all the credit, and in some cases, all the money. Such “Leaders” play havoc with moral, they also display weak ethics and integrity.

The really successful executive is the one who is always ready, willing and eager to share his successes with people in the team. Andrew Carnegie always maintained that there were people in his organisation who had more ability than he. They worked hard for him because he was so willing to share the thrill of planning, the credit for achievement, and financial rewards as well.

There’s more, however, to sharing success and financial rewards, it also involves recognising abilities and giving people a chance to develop them. Asking opinions and advice instead of just telling people what to do. A pat on the back when the going is tough. And passing the credit for achievement along to everyone who had a part in it.

No matter what level of leadership you are experiencing at this time, in a corporate, a service organisation, or a religious group or at a school. No matter where, people will work hardest of all for someone who gives them a real sense of sharing in the planning, achievement, credit and rewards.

To your success.

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