The Compounding effect


The compounding effect is an interesting concept because it can work for you or against you, and most people don’t realize it. My father died of lung cancer at age 45, the compounding effect of smoking 50 cigarettes a day. When I saw how he suffered toward the end of his life, I decided I did’nt want to die like he did. I am close to age 80, have never smoked, still healthy and well, the compounding effect of following a balanced wellness lifestyle for a sound mind, body, and spirit. Exercising, hydrating, meditating and not yet retired.

In the financial sector, if a young person saves 10% of their monthly income, by the time they retire, after 45 years they will have about 45million, worth about 7million in today’s value, invested at 10% yielding 60thousand a month, please remember, the later the young person starts to save, the more s/he will have to invest, all due to the compounding effect.

For those older people who ‘missed the boat’ never saved, at the best own a paid-up property, struggling to keep up with a pension that increases by less than the inflation rate, increased medical fees, etc. There is good news, in these modern computerised times, there is a way to earn an extra income that increases each month. It’s called Network Marketing, yes, I know there are scams out there never the less, look for those that are registered with the DSA Direct Selling Association, for those that have been around for some time, with great products or services, good training and support, as long as you are dedicated and willing to do some work, eventualy you will succeed and enjoy a better financial lifestyle, let the compounding effect work for you, right now there are many ‘old folks’ earning an excellent part time income

Doors of opportunity won’t open until you knock, you won’t find till you seek and asking is the beginning of receiving.

To your wealth, health, and wisdom,

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