About Martin Louw

Martin Louw was Born in Nkana Kitwe Zambia 1943. He attended Kitwe Boy’s and Grey College Bloemfontein

He Started driving legally in 1960 and became the national light weight Judo champion 1964.

In 1964 he started dating his future wife, married 1968, and fathered 3 sons.

In 1967 Martin attended a talk given by Dr Norman Vincent дапоксетин купить киев Peal in Johannesburg where he first became interested in the power of positive thinking and personal development. In 1973 Martin worked with Sedley Burger and Anton van der Post presenting motivational seminars for ‘Success Motivation’ and in 1974 he joined Toastmasters International at the Durban Club, gaining his DTM (Distinguished Toastmasters Award) in 1985.

Martin served TMI in most of the leadership positions. He became a registered trainer for TLI (TM Leadership Institute) Co-founder of Cape Town Toastmasters club 1985 and 9 other clubs in the Cape and is a past member of the IMM. Martin a attended five International TMI conventions in the USA and over the years has gained a great deal of motivational material, i.e. CD’s books and DVD’s to share with like-minded people from speakers like Tom Peters, Harvey Macay, Zig Ziglar, Tony Robins, Mark Victor Hansen, Ken Blanchard, Les Brown, and many more, and in South Africa, from Og Mandino, Jim Rohn, Peter Daniels and many of our popular South African speakers.

Martin Also graduated from the Baptist Seminary in Cape Town in 2003 to improve his lay preaching.

A few highlights:

* He was master of ceremonies for a function at Cape Town Castle where Prince Philip was guest of honour.
* Two of his stories where included in the second edition of ‘Chicken soup for the Soul.
* Martin started playing the piano at the age of 7, then accordion at high school and soon afterwards became a professional organ player. He enjoys the classics, jazz and gospel music.
* He Was a trainer for the 3M Company, Unilever and Tack Training, mainly in selling skills.
* He is a Personal Wellness coach for a well-known International organisation
* he is involved as a leader of the seniors at Hatfield Church in Pretoria.


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