The phantom wall


Have you ever stopped to think about how much more people could have, know and do if they would only try? When timidity, self-consciousness and memories of past failures all contrive to erect a phantom wall between us and the things we would like to have or do, we need courage to leap over it and achieve our desires.
Emerson wrote; “What a new face courage puts on everything! A determined man, by his very attitude and the tone of his voice, puts a stop to defeat and begins to conquer.”
Courage is often a matter of simple logic. Say a boy at a high school prom refrains from asking a girl to dance. He’s afraid she might say “no”, but he hasn’t thought his problem through. By not asking her, he achieves the same result he would if he asked and she said “no”. The chances are excellent she is dying to have someone ask and that she’s not too particular who does the asking. She wants to be seen dancing. But the boy refuses to risk success. The same can be true of success in later life.
Men and women rule out the possibility of winning by refusing to risk defeat. They don’t realize that a lack of courage guarantees failure.
Many things which look impossible from a distance become quite feasible once we muster the courage to make an attempt. There is always a way to reach everything desirable. Someone once said FEAR stands for False Events Appearing Real and so we can say that fear usually springs from ignorance or insufficient facts to make an informed decision.
We cheat ourselves of the lives we could know, the things we could accomplish, the things we could have, because we are too afraid to try, to ask. How many sales have been lost because the sales person was too afraid to ask for the order or the person with a message that would benefit the audience and so the fear of public speaking prevented the message from ever being heard?
How nervous where you when you first learnt to drive? Then you took lessons and started, and today you are a competent driver and you don’t even think about it anymore.
Why not realize your ambition? If you really want it, and it is good for all, then abandon yourself to it with the attitude and conviction of courage and it will be yours.
Courage consists, not in blindly overlooking danger but in seeing and conquering it
…… Righter

To your success

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